Saturday, September 3, 2011

No new books for me ...

After my last trip to London (I spent it mostly in bookstores) and my huge pile of new books, which I amazingly enough fit into my bookshelves somehow, I decided that I need to read some of my many many unread books - they are all really cool, interesting, nice onces, so I really want to read them - before buying new ones.

I found a challenge on a German blog where followers commit themselves to a book buying ban from August 29th until October 9th. There is the option of buying three books during this time when using a joker but you can only use a joker after you read 3 unread books. Maybe I’ll join them.

This is why I am standing in front of my bookshelf daily and cannot decide which book to read. I started so many in the last days and they never felt right. Maybe it is just time that university starts again. I really need a clear structure in my day. If I don’t have that I tend to just lie around, doing nothing and getting bored, which also leads to a major reading crisis. When I am bored I normally don’t like to read. I don’t know why but unfortunately that’s the case. I start reading my book and after some time I either fall asleep or start watching TV. Hopefully this will diminish over the weekend but if not than it will take some time before I will finish my next book.

Do you have any tricks against a reading crisis? 
On the other hand I really love this time of year. I love the feel of a new school year which for me resembles a start of a new year. I start planning my next semester, figuring out which courses to take, getting cross with the university because all the interesting courses I wanted to take are at the same time, I am able to buy a new calendar without feeling sorry for my old one because it is the beginning of a new year (kind of illogical, I know) and so on and so forth.

So right now I am kind of feeling strange because I would like to plan and order my life and on the other hand I am so not motivated to do anything.

I found the following picture somewhere on the internet and I think it really fits my situation right now:

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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