Friday, October 14, 2011


This blog changed places. 

It can now be found under

There I will write about many aspects of my life - like books, cooking, music, I will show you some of my photos, tell you about travels I made, write about my university life, tell you funny stories about my friends and much much more!

I hope I will see you all at "My Life ..."!

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

What's in your bag?

Yesterday I was at a bar with my friends. Well it is local brewery. Does this classify as a bar? I don’t know.
Anyways, we sat outside even if it was freezing (around 15°C) and after a little while I started looking for a piece of chocolate in my bag. I put it there in the morning after I received it from a nice girl after taking part in a survey at Ikea. I am not one of those girls who regularly have chocolate in her bag, unfortunately. 

Okay, back to the story:
I was looking and found a fortune cookie I received at a Chinese restaurant where I had dinner with my parents. Well maybe I am one of those girls who are hoarding food in her bag. I opened it, read my fortune (“Change is happening in your life. So go with the flow!), distributed pieces of the cookie and continued the quest for the chocolate. After I found it our two boys started discussing that I had a Marry Poppins bag that holds everything I own and sooner or later I will disappear in it while looking for something and they will only hear an echo of my voice when talking to me. 

So I decided to take a “what’s in your bag” photo, post it here and send them the link. #

There isn’t so much in it. Isn’t there? 
Yesterday I also had a scarf in it because I was pretty sure that I would get cold and I really needed it. 

Things I had in my bag yesterday:
  1. wallet
  2. pens
  3. lip balm (3 times)
  4. i-Pod
  5. cell phone
  6. book
  7. tissues
  8. water bottle (empty)
  9. watch
  10. two bracelets
  11. candy
  12. band aid
  13. some pills
  14. gum
  15. umbrella 
  16. bag
  17. hair brush (two times - I don't know why)
  18. two barrettes
  19. make up 
  20. three small stuffed animals (one pig as a lucky charm, one dog I got from an ex-boyfriend many years ago and a microbe)
That's not so much, isn't it?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sooo bookish....

Look what I found. Well actually Jamie at "The Perpetual Page-Turner" found it.
Book Buttons at Cafepress. So cool.
Here are some examples:

I really need some of those!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ruby Red

Yeah! I found it!

While checking my daily blog list today I found a review for "Ruby Red" by Kerstin Gier in English.

Here is the link to it.
I found this book really really good. I am not able to pack into words what I think of this book. So wonderful and enthralling. Wonderful story, great characters and an open ending which I anticipated because two more books were published. Thank god, in Austria all three books are published. I also bought all three already.

So I am able to read "Saphire Blue" and "Emerald Green" after finishing the books I am reading right now.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

No new books for me ...

After my last trip to London (I spent it mostly in bookstores) and my huge pile of new books, which I amazingly enough fit into my bookshelves somehow, I decided that I need to read some of my many many unread books - they are all really cool, interesting, nice onces, so I really want to read them - before buying new ones.

I found a challenge on a German blog where followers commit themselves to a book buying ban from August 29th until October 9th. There is the option of buying three books during this time when using a joker but you can only use a joker after you read 3 unread books. Maybe I’ll join them.

This is why I am standing in front of my bookshelf daily and cannot decide which book to read. I started so many in the last days and they never felt right. Maybe it is just time that university starts again. I really need a clear structure in my day. If I don’t have that I tend to just lie around, doing nothing and getting bored, which also leads to a major reading crisis. When I am bored I normally don’t like to read. I don’t know why but unfortunately that’s the case. I start reading my book and after some time I either fall asleep or start watching TV. Hopefully this will diminish over the weekend but if not than it will take some time before I will finish my next book.

Do you have any tricks against a reading crisis? 
On the other hand I really love this time of year. I love the feel of a new school year which for me resembles a start of a new year. I start planning my next semester, figuring out which courses to take, getting cross with the university because all the interesting courses I wanted to take are at the same time, I am able to buy a new calendar without feeling sorry for my old one because it is the beginning of a new year (kind of illogical, I know) and so on and so forth.

So right now I am kind of feeling strange because I would like to plan and order my life and on the other hand I am so not motivated to do anything.

I found the following picture somewhere on the internet and I think it really fits my situation right now:

So long and thanks for all the fish!