Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Completely stressed out?

I don’t know why but there is so much to do that I am really lax with keeping track with this blog. Sorry for this. I am not a person who whines that she has so much to do and is soooooooo stressed out. I am still not stressed out but I must whine for just a second. I have so much to do I need more hours per day. A well known problem to all of us.

And now to something completely different. 

I lost track with my “I am reading…” picture. Well, not really lost track as I still haven’t finished “The next thing on my list”. Due to my recent purchase – an Amazon Kindle – I started downloading books and surfing the net for good book recommendations and started reading some books I downloaded.
I also have to find a good part of a good book for my upcoming PPOCS (practical phonetics and oral communication skills – if anyone is interested) assignment at university. I need to read a text out loud on front of my teacher and a second professor and they will grade my American English skills. So I practice a bit and try finding THE perfect text for my exam. So I am reading or better starting a lot of books right now. Anyone has a tip? I would be really greatful!

And because this week is really crazy, teaching on Monday, exam today and one more tomorrow and my last tutoring lesson for this semester on Thursday (which really needs preparation this time), I will not be able to read a lot more this week. So I will now update my “I am reading…” picture and then I’ll try to keep up with the blog from Friday onwards.

Have a nice week and enjoy the days – summer finally arrived in Vienna!

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